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Hystandard’s comprehensive 42-point check is critical to ensure maximum machine up-time and no further breakdowns.

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Our parts team is trained across all makes and models of forklifts to ensure we provide you with the most value for money parts, supplied correctly, first time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy my forklift or hire?

You can rent a forklift fully maintained and that way you claim the rent you pay as a deduction for your business.

You don't have to worry about any unbudgeted expenses such as a large repair bill when you rent from Hystandard, you can rely on us  to do all your servicing and keep your equipment safe and fit for purpose at all times.

You can buy your equipment and build an asset for your business, this allows you to depreciate the asset over time.

This can work out less expensive for people who do not use their forklift much and intend to keep them for many years.

You can still rely on Hystandard to do all your servicing and keep your equipment safe and fit for purpose.

Why not have a chat with one of the Hystandard forklift experts today and we will help you make the right choice for you and your business.

How often should I service my forklift?

The OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer who built your forklift have a set schedule for service on your machine.

Just like your car, they set this schedule to avoid breakdowns and unnecessary expense related to premature component failure due to lack of maintenance.

It is critical to follow this schedule if you want your machine to work trouble free and be always safe and fit for purpose.

Don't get "sucked in" to cheap service providers who do a quick grease and oil change every 6 months or so. And then visit your site several times in between to fix breakdowns which could potentially have been avoided.

Long term it will cost you more, guaranteed! Why not call Hystandard today to discuss a service schedule which will give you service to service no breakdowns.

Why do I have to use genuine parts?

You don't, but there are many reasons why you should!

Firstly, you will void your warranty with the OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer if you don't use OEM spare parts during the warranty period.

This is because the OEM certifies it's replacement parts and ensures they keep the equipment to the same standard it left the factory. Also OEM's are smart, they know they have to be competitive with their parts if they want to retain your business after the equipment purchase.

They offer very competitive pricing to ensure you keep your low cost of ownership. Sometimes lower than "all makes" suppliers.

Finally they offer the best warranties around on replacement parts, they can do this because they know how good their parts are!


Glenda, I would like to say thanks to you and Phil for helping with getting our fork up and going so quickly , "Hystandard customer service at it's best"

Much appreciated , David Magwood 

"We have dealt with Hystandard since 2005, they understand our business and have always worked with us to resolve our materials handling needs, allowing us to get on with doing what we do best".

John Robertson, A & J Container Services

"When Beiersdorf faced a crisis with their DC being effected due to a catastrophic storm (April 2015), the Hystandard team was the first to render aid offering office space, equipment and storage solutions. This is just a snap shot of the kind of culture that is imbedded in this amazing organization. Hystandard's view on customer service is so evidently important "

Jason Sacco, Beiersdorf

“Our relationship with Hystandard is excellent...we wouldn’t go anywhere else,” John Robertson stated. “We were with another major equipment company, but there was no personal contact with anyone - if we had any problems we couldn’t get onto someone and it was such an issue trying to get things done with them."

John Robertson, ANJ Container Services

“It’s a lot more personal with Hystandard...I deal directly with their Managing Director, John Flinn, on purchase and rental matters and directly with their parts and service departments whenever needed,” he said. “We always receive a prompt and efficient response to our needs which allows us to do the same for our clients.”

John Robertson, ANJ Container Services

"just like the relationship we establish with our clients, our relationship with Hystandard is totally hassle-free.”

John Robertson, ANJ Container Services

“ANJ and Hystandard have worked together really well over the years in working out the best solutions for the lowest cost of ownership across a complex array of equipment,” he stated. “They have always trusted our recommendations on which machines should be owned to provide the best financial outcome"

John Flinn, Hystandard Handling Equipment on relationship with ANJ Containers

“We wouldn’t go anywhere else,” he stated emphatically. “I had a guy come in from another equipment company the other day and he wanted to leave his business card but I said don’t waste your card - I’ll only throw it in the bin.”

John Robertson, ANJ Container Services

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